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Art Contest 2020

In July, Donate Life America and the Donate Life Store, managed by Boost, hosted the second annual Donate Life Art Contest — prompting participants to illustrate what Donate Life means to them. We received many beautiful, thoughtful and inspirational pieces.

Thank you to everyone who submitted artwork and shared their story with us! 

The winning piece was created by Amanda Couch of Waterville, Ohio.

“I created this drawing inspired by my son, Rowan. He has end-stage renal disease and chronic lung disease and spent 5 months in the NICU. He is currently at home, but is on dialysis and oxygen now until he is big enough to receive a kidney transplant. We are hoping he will be able to have a transplant in the spring of 2021.
Since going through this experience with my son, I've realized how important it is to be an organ donor. I'm so excited to share this artwork and hope to inspire others to consider donating so they can give others a second chance at life and spread love and hope.

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